🎆Season 1 Token Strategy

A network defined by rewardable actions

StudioDAO Season 1 runs on 2 different types of tokens

  • Super Tickets

  • Greenlight Power

Super Tickets:

  • Proof of soul-bound membership in StudioDAO

  • Mint by paying Juicebox Project using NFTRewards feature

  • Juicebox Projects that have been voted into the network exclusively issue StudioDAO tokens

  • Fund new films associated with StudioDAO

  • Have unique designs for each film

  • Are the allow list for future NFT mints/drops associated with each Film, Super Ticket Tier or Collection

  • There is no KYC requirement for supporting and/or being a member of the StudioDAO U.N.A.

Greenlight Power:

  • Vote to admit new projects to StudioDAO

  • Greenlight Power represents the DAO's collective greenlight power.

  • Greenlight Power is not transferable, since the membership is non-transferable.

Voting UX

  • Allocate auto distributed treasury to in network projects

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