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Film Finance Experience

We define filmmakers as producers, directors and screenwriters – the remarkable teams that develop and produce the movies we love.

studio|dao offers filmmakers:

Creative Freedom – You want to make your movie. The movie you've obsessed over, and rewritten and rewritten.
StudioDAO's goal is to successfully finance your movie, so you can make it – your way. End of story.
Support – We work with filmmakers to develop funding strategies that blend NFTs with traditional sources – turning the funding of a film into an entertainment experience as fun and adventurous as making one.
Once production commences, the experts on our DAO are happy to stay entirely out of your way, but are here to help if you need support.
Community – connecting filmmakers with an audience determines the films that get made. Forget foreign sales grades and algorithms.
Agility / Iteration – funding cycles allow flexibility. Instead of an all-or-nothing capital heavy green light, stretch goals give filmmakers the chance to create anthology formats or variations on their project.
Ownership – filmmakers control their project's IP, StudioDAO has on-chain distribution requirements that are discussed here.
Distribution and revenue shares are discussed here.