Decentralized Collective Action

New Interaction Design spaces are opened with StudioDAO
The development of new formats for decentralized collective action is an evolving art. StudioDAO is developing a truly decentralized studio that can autonomously fund and distribute films creating a path to scale that traditional entities can only dream of.
Some of the DAO processes that can achieve autonomy are:
  • On-chain submission of scripts for review – the creative committee filters these inbound submissions.
  • Projects are presented in real time for DAO members to upvote. If a project receives an upvote from DAO members film is given a Greenlight and added to the StudioDAO network.
  • Ability to fund via Super Ticket Sales.
  • Ability for DAO to allocate funds from the community Greenlight wallet.
  • Independent ability for any filmmaker to add, price, and sell Token-gated content via a token-vod platform.